Who To Contact With a Lip Injury

Over the past four years, I’ve consulted many chop experts and fellow brass players who’ve experienced a lip injury similar to mine, and the help I’ve received from them has been tremendous. I would not be playing today if I’d had to go this road alone.

A few months ago, I contacted many of these people and asked if they would be okay with my sharing their names on The Lip Rip Blues. Chop injuries are a very personal thing, but many were happy to share their stories.

Some of these players/chop experts have their own website or book relating to their own experience, and the players listed here whose stories are not public knowledge have given me permission to post their name here. While I haven’t provided contact info, I can put you in touch with any of these players - just click on the Contact link at the top of the page to email me. Many of these folks have web presences of their own, too, and can be contacted through their own sites.

His approach to embouchure rehabilitation is refreshingly original, and he recommends and advises on changing basic embouchure technique as a method of recovery. I took a lesson with him in January 2011, and his ideas about embouchure firmness have majorly informed my own recovery.

Prof. Siebert has been a great help to me over the phone, through email, and through several lessons in person. He’s helped me keep my focus on my sound, as opposed to only on how my chops feel. It’s easy to obsess over mechanics when healthy, and it’s even easier when you’re hurt. Eventually, you have to trust that the muscle is healed and get back to making music.