Hey, Where Did The Lip Rip Blues Go? An Update.

You may have noticed (or at least I hope you’ve noticed) that dear old Lip Rip Blues hasn’t seen many updates in the past six months or so. You may have wondered if all is well.

All is well! So don’t worry. I’ve been a little unsure which direction to take this site, and as a result, I’ve let it kinda … sit.

Over time, though, I realized I’m interested in writing about other stuff, too. “Lip injuries in brass players” is a pretty narrow topic, after all, and there’s lots else to explore! But with the name of the site being The Lip Rip Blues, I feel kinda obligated not to stray too far from that topic.

Plus, I get frequent emails from other injured musicians seeking advice, telling me how this site has helped them, or just saying “hi.” Helping other people find their way back to healthy playing is incredibly important work, and it feels great!

How we can become more expressive, effective and efficient musicians and people.

Much of my recent writing has been in this vein (like the three-part series “What 7 Days on a Bike Taught Me About Music”).

I find this stuff fascinating, and these broader concepts offer more ground to cover, too.

If you don’t see anything new in the next few weeks or months, don’t worry: I may be taking a hiatus and planning the next step for this site, but I’m still here and still playing!