7 Blog Posts in 7 Days: What I’ve Learned

Last Monday, I undertook a challenge to blog every day for a week. This is my seventh and final post, and it’s been quite an experience. Here’s what I’ve learned!

You’re just as busy, maybe more. We’re all really busy. Truth be told, I didn’t really think I had time to do this project.

Once I’d committed to doing it, though, it’s amazing how much time I was able to carve out each day to get the writing done. 5 minutes here, 12 minutes there, 20 minutes at lunch, 45 minutes after work. Where did this time come from?

It was mostly time I’d ordinarily fritter away in small chunks. I suddently have a sneaking suspicion that I spend way more time on Facebook, Reddit, etc. than I thought, and now I know that time can be harnessed to actually accomplish something.

– Steven Pressfield My running to-do list (actually a Next Actions list, but that’s another story) is like anybody else’s: it’s a mix of big, scary things (write today’s blog post) and little, “easy-win” things (return library book). Usually, I do the little things first because they add up to a lot of items crossed off my list (which feels good), and the few big things get pushed to the next day. And the next day. And the next day. And so on.

I decided this week that I would do the most important things on my list first, and writing the day’s blog post was always near the top. That was a key distinction for me.

Writing every day this week has made me less concerned with both of those possibilities. Posting daily means that if a post falls flat, so what? I’ll post another one tomorrow.

Getting Unstuck” is what this challenge was all about.